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Is an example of Shelley’s devotion to liberty and equality and his radical denouncement of tyranny and power.
The speaker has no faith left in the leading institutions in England :hecondemns the army, the law, religion, and the parlament. He goes into detail over the flaws of England: the madness and blindness of the King; the muddied genetic line that includes the Prince; theignorance of the nation’s “Rulers”; and the tired and hungry masses. Shelley also alludes again to the Peterloo Massacre calling the people “stabbed in an untilled field.”
His disgust with the state of thenation is deepened with his use of imagery and metaphor (“dregs,” “muddy,” “leeches,” “blood,” “sanguine”). The ruling classes are figured as blood-sucking leeches who are mainly parasites on thepeople and on a “fainting Country”. The army is needed, yet it has turned against the people; similarly the laws are a “two-edged” sword, and even the religion of the rulers is “Christless” and a tool ofoppression.
Still, the poet ends in optimism. The last two lines optimistically yearn for revolution. Each of these troubles are like a grave from which “a glorious Phantom” may burst to illuminate“our tempestuous day.” therefore there is a chance the people will rise up.

Three young men are walking together to a wedding, when one of them is held by old mariner. The Wedding-Guest angrilydemands that the Mariner let go of him, and the Mariner obeys. But the young man is mesmerized by the ancient Mariner’s “glittering eye” and can do nothing to his tale. The story he tells relates how, inhis youth, the mariner had set out on a sea voyage when a giant storm rose up in the sea and chased the ship southward. During the storm, the ship is shadowed by an albatross, a huge seabird consideredan omen of good fortune by seafarers.The albatross led them out of the storm but then For no good reason, the mariner shoots the albatross.
After a weary time the Mariner saw a tiny speck on the...
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