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Everything starts with a man whose named Mr.Francis worked in a jewelry store and her daughter Claire came with him every Saturday.While he was selling his jewelry. Claire, who was 8 year old, was playing with her dolls in the office of his father. The lunch-time arrived so Mr.Francis maked wait 3 customers to go to the supermarket to buy a sandwich for him and for his daughter. It was raining outside so there is a power outage. Mr.Francis went inside the store when he saw her daughter was lyinng on the floor. She was dead! Mr.Francis called the police and the detective Mr.Bellic ask to Mr.Francis :

“Mr.Francis what were you doing before that happened ?
-I was in the supermarket.
-To buy a sandwich for my daughter and for me
-Do you know a customer of the three customers?
-Why do you ask me this question ?
-Because there were 3 customers and it must be on the three customers who killed your daughter.
-I know two mans who are David and Mr.Faustin and the last one I don't know him
-Mmh...ok thanks for your help and don't worry I will clear this case.”

The detective ask secondly to David :

“David what were you doing before the murder happened?
-I was in a corner because I am afraid of the dark.
-Oh! And why did you come in the store?
-Because I want to buy a nacklace because my wife's birthday is coming.
-Ok I've finish with you.”

The detective said to a police officers David wasn't the guilty and asks to a customer some questions :
“Do you know Mr.Francis, Mr.Faustin ?
-Yes, I know him for a long time he owes me some debts.
-Why did you come here?
-Because he had me pay off my debts today
-What were you doing before the murder happened?
-I was watching the jewels when I heard a cry
Mr.Bellic showed a photo of his daughter
-Do you know the girl ?
-No, but this is not the daughter of Francis
-Ok you can go”

The detective ask to the last customer :
“Mr.Derrick do you know Mr.Francis?
-Why did you come to the store ?

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