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Sociology 101. Spring 2010.
Research paper
Othmane Lahsinia

Netaisniba, an Actor.

Netaisniba is a nine years old boy. Son of a verywealthy family, he has always been the favorite of his parents. Big brown eyes, dark hair, he thought he looks just like his dad. Healthy kid, he never had any major health issue. Indeed, he was very aliveand had a very normal childhood.
Houses always meant for Netaisniba enjoyment and pleasure. When visiting his grand parents, he felt like going to an attraction. One of his favorite games washiding in one of the many room of the residence. The big red curtain reminds him of the theater, wearing on his expensive outfit he felt like an actor. Housekeepers were his spectators, he liked to havethem asking for autographs. Nothing was more amusing for him than bothering them. Going out in the garden, he was imitating Indiana Jones jumping from side to side and climbing trees. The huge swimmingpool was an ocean challenging him to reach the other continent. He jumps in his pirate ship and starts his long journey. Looking back, he sees the house lightened by the sun. The bay window leaves toappear his family having a nice drink in the tearoom. He walks outside and all he feels is the excitement of coming back again. Netaisniba realizes that it is time for him to run back home, it issoon time to leave.
Netaisniba grew up and majored in sociology. The smiling child playing finally sees the world as it is. Indeed, he started to open up to the world at his freshman year in highschool. Studying sociology broad his thinking and enhanced in him a very critical reflection. The big family house doesn’t mean any more fun but all the injustice of the society. This gigantic house forhim meant his family building its fortune on poor people’s labor. Housekeeper and helps were not the same but kept the same status. For a hundred bucks, you can make them spectators of your life....
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