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Cinderella's destiny

Once upon a time a charming man who had married a generous woman and had with her a beautiful and gentle little girl. The little girl had inherited her mother's quality. Some time after, the mother was dead and she left her husband alone with his daughter.
One days, this kind father met a woman then he had married with her quickly. His wife had two daughters who were cruel and bad like her. She revealed her true face just after the wedlock. She imposed herself and gave at her step-daughter all the housework. Another, she had lodging her in the attic on a ridiculous paillasse whereas she and her daughters lived like queens. And to complement all ter, the lovely girl carried miserable dresses but she was more beautiful than her step-sisters. She couldn't spoke with her father about what happened to her because he had scolded her immediately. He was devoted at his wife.
Every day, after the housework was accomplished, the poor girl went to sit at the corner of the fireplace, that why she was named Cinderwensh by her eldest step-sisters and Cinderella by the other.
One day, the son of the king organized a ball and invited all the quality people, as well as Cinderella's step-sisters, of course, Cinderella wasn't theirs and had trouble. Her step-sisters were enthusiastic and spoke all the time about the ball. They wondered how they had dressed and did one's hair. The eldest would put her red velvet dress with her seal of England, whereas her sister opted for her skirt regular complemented by her coat with gold flowers and her diamond belt. They bought a good dressing table for the occation and asked for Cinderella's advice because she had in good taste. Cinderella suggested them her assistance who was instantly accepted. When they had one's hair done, they said to Cinderella:
"Wants you come at the ball with us?"
"You delude me, because, you know I can't."
"Evidently otherwise you would be the subject of ridicule in these places."

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