Essai sur l'obésité en anglais

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Obesity is a problem in many developed countries. TO encourage citizens to adopt a healthy diet some expert have proposed a fat tax on junk food based on their fat content.. What do you think of sucha proposal?

Obesity is such a plague that the expression « world epidemic » is often used to qualify it. This idiom, even if it is quiet wrong, implied that obesity touches more
Voc/o =quite tps = présent
and more people over the world.
Vous devez absolument donner votre point de vue, clair et tranché, dans l’intro, ainsi que l’axe de réflexion que vous suivrez dans le développement.States are all the more worried about this expansion because of the risks inhere in obesity. Indeed, outcomes of obesity are really bad, both for individuals
1 adj = inherent to
andfor States. For individuals because it sparks off a lot of health problems
p (utilisez des tirets ici)
like diabetes. For States because these latter implied hugecost for them, to
guarantee there treatments, notably in the name of x right to live. Then,
voc/o = their art. = the
obesityconcerns the public interest and States have to limit its spread for two reasons. First, the State has a duty of care to warrant to their citizens. Secondly,
the money spend to take careof obese people could be spend in other field of public
PP PP plur.
policy. Thus, I think imposing a fat tax on junk food based on there fat content could be a good solution.First of all, even if we can argue that this measure permits to the State to interfere
Voc = allows the state
with the privacy of citizens, this restriction is justified by the fact thatobesity
concerned the public health and it has a cost for the State. And, this cost could be
tps = présent
counterbalanced by the money reaches thanks to this tax.
Voc + PP = obtained...
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