Essai d'une lettre en anglais

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Dear mum and dad,
First, don’t worry everything is ok I had a good travel, except the 2 hours queue at arrival,and then I’ve taken a taxi who has driven me to my new home.
I’m sorry i haven’t writeto you before but I was really busy to install myself in my new life.
I’ve just finish tidy my room and actually everything is perfect, the flat is nit far from the center of new York only 5 minutesby the tube so I can travel around the city really fast and cheaper than in London it’s only 20 box a week.About the flat it is a flatshare, quite small for three, it’s a three single room with abathroom and kitchen fully equipped, but the flatmates are respectful and fun so it’s easy to live together in this way.
During,this three days I had immediately tried to found a jobs, I send and gavemany many curriculum to every shops and jobs center I could find, and guess what, I found one the second day!
In new York there is a famous street where all the luxury shops are located, I waswondering myself if I must go to ask and I said why not. So I started with prada,Louis vuitton,Dior,then it came to burberry. I came inside and gave curriculum for work in the shop as a saleswomen andwhat a luck, Chrisopher Bailey the English stylist from burberry who make the campaign every years was there and when saw me, he called me and asked me to try some clothes and by an innocent air I didit, I didn’t knew what was happening to me. Five minutes later told me, “ok you have a job, your are going to be a model for the company, so you will have to assist at many shooting and many receptionand fashion show, are you ok with that?” I didn’t needed time to answer, I said yes and thank you so much immediately.He also told me that I will have to travel a lot and that I will start to worknext week in Milan firstly with a shooting for the magazine and then with a fashion show.
Exited to start, that’s how I feel now, I know that travel a lot wasn’t in the plan but i think I’ll really...
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