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Difficult Sounds Same or Different PairworkStudent A
Rules of the Game
You have to decide with your partner if the pronunciations of the word you have and the word they have are the same of different. Note that different words that have the same pronunciation count as the same.
You can read out the individual words and/ or the whole sentences
You cannot spell the words out
You cannot translate the words
You can pronounce the words slowly and carefully
You can explain words that have similar pronunciation if you know them Useful languageV for violin/ B for birthday You have to put your lips together It’s a long sound You don’t use your voice box You have to touch your teeth with your tongue Your mouth should be more open/ round | If I won the lottery, I would / / give most of the money to charity. I have taken a long-distance overnight bus / /, but I would never take one again If I don’t know the way / / to do something, I always ask my boss how to do it If I was offered a job with lots of travel / /, for example an air steward or a salesman, I would really enjoy it If I rode / / a motorbike, my parents would worry about my safety. Every time I get a birthday cake, I eat the whole / / thing myself I would read the Da Vinci Code / / if I had more time When I take a plane, I always choose the window seat / / When I have more savings in the bank, I’ll invest some money in major / /companies and some in smaller high tech companies When I next have a holiday, the first / / thing I’ll do is sleep a long time Do you think any of the sentences above are true for your partner? Tell them which sentences and check. Difficult Sounds Same or Different Pairwork
Student B
Rules of the Game
You have to decide with your partner if the pronunciations of the

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