Est ce que les parents doivent intervenir dans les choix de leurs enfants?

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Throughout history, parents have intruded into their children's privacy because they thought that if they didn’t, their children would certainly face difficulties and failures. This issue is controversial: some people believe that parents should not interfere in their children's choices. Children should be able to determine the way they want to shape their own future. Contrary to this belief, some people think that parents should have a say in the choice of their children's futur.

The first argument put forth against this issue is that children should have a right to decide for their own lives.
Some people maintain that children should make their own choices, which in turn would make them happier. This idea may be right to some extent. Nevertheless, parents have the advantage of having a bigger and richer life experience. They can help their children decide on whether or not their choice is right thanks to this life experience.
Besides, parents face many difficulties throughout their life. This makes them more realistic. Thanks to this, parents have the ability to decide more realistically and they should guide their children in their choices.

But the question is : when can parents interfere?

There are two situations in which it is always appropriate for parents to engage in a discussion with their children: when the child is distrustful or when he may be in danger.

Before initiating a dialogue with the child, it is also important for parents to acknowledge their own feelings about the situation, as they may differ greatly from the child’s.
Parents have to make sure that they are calm when they sit down with their child, and ready to act as a parental figure. Only then will they be ready to concentrate on their child’s feelings, desires...

Although addressing these issues can be uncomfortable or difficult, parents have the responsibility to engage in a meaningful dialogue with their child about his feelings, his experiences,

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