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If the plant was located in the United States, the company would have to follow the strict environmental and safety regulations, as well as added cost of minimum wage rules, social securitycontributions, health insurance, and other employee benefits but it would create more jobs. Locating a plant in Mexico is definitely a more profitable idea for the company but in the same time there are a fewethical issues to consider before doing so. First ethical dilemma that needs to be addressed is whether the company will operate by the Mexican or US labor laws. Second, the company needs to decidewhat type of environmental law it will follow. The last ethical dilemma, but most likely the most important one, is the safety regulations it will create for its employees. All of those decisions haveto be made before the plant is built, because they can potentially turn into a complete disaster for the company. The consequences may be deadly for the company. They can create a bad reputation forthe company, which, in the end, can cause the company to go bankrupt.
In order to examine this manner from the other perspectives we need to take into a consideration the well being of all theparties involved. We will start by taking a look at the positives and negatives of the Mexican worker and the local community. The minimal wage in Mexico is very low, the law does not do a satisfying job inprotecting its working class, and the environmental regulations in comparing to the United States are much lower. Off course the government welcomes the new company opening a plant in their countrybecause the economy will be stimulated through new foreign investment and employment and it will also ensure that local policies and regulations will not be violated, but we need to ask ourselves ifthat is enough. The workers in Mexico have the right to fair compensation and save work conditions. Likewise, the local community has the right to healthy and habitable living conditions. Secondly, we...
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