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-1-Tranformation passive : To be (conjugué au temps convenable) + participe passé du verbe. ( by + c. d’agent)

tenses Active form passive form

simple The postman delivers The letters are delivered present the letters every day. Every day by the postman.

Be +ing The postman is delivering The letters are being delivered The letters now. Now by the postman.

Preterit The postman delivered The letters were delivered The letters yesterday. Yesterday by the postman.

Preterit The postman was delivering The letters were being delivered
Be+ing the letters when a dog bit him. By the postman when a dog bit him.

Present The postman has just The letters have just been delivered
Perfect delivered the letters. By the postman.

Past The postman had delivered The letters had been delivered
Perfect the letters when he fell. By the postman when he fell.

Future The postman will deliver The letters will be delivered The letters tomorrow. By the postman tomorrow.

Modals The postman must deliver The letters must be delivered The letters before 10 a.m. by the postman before 10 a.m.

-2- if sentences: phrases de condition.

a) if + present, future.ex : If I go to England, I will improve my accent. b) If + preterit modal, conditionnel. Ex: If I were a millionaire, I would travel all around the world. c) If + past perfect, conditionnel passé. Ex: If I had worked harder, I would have passed my exam.

-3- Souhait: I wish+ preterit modal: ex: I wish I were you.
Ex: I wish I didn’t smoke.

-4- Regret: I wish + past perfect: ex: I wish I had passed my

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