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1.       What does Old Cotter think of the priest?
Old Cotter is wary of the priest: the conversation between Old Cotter and the boy’s uncle contains some veiled criticisms of the priest, and hisinfluence on the boy: “I wouldn’t like children of mine... to have too much to stay to a man like that”.
2.       How does the boy feel about the priest’s death?
Before Father Flynn’s death the boy infearful of the idea that he may dies. After the boy is convinced about the reality of Father Flynn’s death he becomes confused and unsure at what to do next – he becomes easily distracted. The storyends on a more cheerful note of release and awareness in the boy’s mind.
3.       What impression does Joyce gives us of the boy’s character?
Joyce gives an impression of innocence to the boy’scharacter. In effect he is the Protagonist whose name is never mentioned. Through the story we see a small but important stage in his growth when he throws off the influence of a dead priest who hadtaught him religion and its observances. The reader gets the impression that the protagonist is sensitive, sharply observant and truthful in his report of the events.
4.       The Priest
a.       Whatimpression does Joyce give us of the priest’s character?
The Priest and the influence of the church are presented as the antagonist in the story. The reader is encouraged to sympathise with the boywho has been taken over by the dominance and the priest, who acted as the agent of that dominance.
b.      Why is he a “disappointed man”?
The priest’s sisters and the boy’s aunt talk sadly of howhis priestly duties had been too much for him and he had been a disappointed man: "The duties of the priesthood was too much for him. And then his life was, you might say, crossed."
5.       How isEliza a comic character?
Eliza is a comic character since she lightens the very solemn mood of the story. Firstly, Nannie and Eliza offer the boy wine and crackers. Later on, Eliza, the priest’s...
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