Executive women and the myth of having it all

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Final Exam
Executive Women and the Myth of Having It All
The American University of Paris
Soumia Chajai
A82782 – BA570


“Behind every great man there’s a great woman” does this phrase describe best the women’s position in each and every society, or can a woman leave her “second” position toward a more advantageous situation, where she won’t be the one behind the great man, but the one next to him ? To this question, many women responded “YES” but at which price? Through her article, Sylvia Ann Hewlett gives us a deep explanation of the meaning of “No one has it all” by reporting the findings of a survey designed to explore the professional and private lives of highly educated, high earning women.
Opting for a career or a family is a dilemma, women all around the world are facing; and being a woman who values work and comes from a society where the principal role of our gender is to take care of a house and a family doesn’t extirpate me from the lot.
This article puts words on the fear of everyone; men and women; the fear of feeling useless. If I say this, it’s because I believe that our role as human being isn’t only to reach material goals but also and mostly to let an imprint of our passage on earth through our offspring.

Except for the “Geishas” and other kinds of highly educated partners and housewives, every woman who pushes her studies far enough to be able to get a job, hopes to collect the fruits of what she scattered for several years by getting in the highest position of the organization she works in. The status, the respect and the self-realization that this post offers would have been the so-wanted reasons for which every woman would have struggled during her studies; and nothing seems more natural than reaching this goal as a result of long hours of hard work.
Yet, when most of these women feel that nothing will altercate their happiness once they reached the top, and decide finally to focus on their private life and have

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