Exercice d'anglais

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Read the following situations. In each case, you must answer with complete sentences, using one modal (can, could, may, might, should, ought to, had better, have to, have got to, must) per sentence. You must use the modal which best fits the situation.

1. Your boss really doesn’t understand why your teammate in this project is always late. You don’t know either, but you try to offer an explanation anyway by listing 2 possibilities.

Maybe they could have a computer problem, or they may have a comprehension problem of this project situation.

2. Your friend calls you up and tells you he really wants to buy a brand new car instead of the used car his grandmother is offering him for free. You know your friend doesn’t have a lot of money. Give him your best advice.

I think that you should accept your grandmother’s car, sell it and with this little extra money you could make, buy a brand new car. That would be the best advice I can give you.

3. A policeman stops you over while you are driving and explains that you have broken the law. Apparently, it is very important that you do not turn right on the red light in Montreal, or else you will have to pay a fine. How does he formulate this obligation?

The police man may had explain it like that: I’m sorry mister but on the island of Montréal, you can’t turn right on the red light.

4. Your father tells you that when he was young, his health and agility were much better. He had the ability to climb trees very fast and very easily. How can he formulate this sentence using one modal?

When I was young, I could climb trees very fast and very easily, my health and agility were much better at this time.

5. Simon is not interested in this philosophy course on his schedule. You explain to him that it is a “formation générale” course, and that those courses are mandatory for the successful completion of your Cegep studies. Studying for this course is crucial, even if he doesn’t

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