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INTRO: Definition
Reality television is a kind of TV program that presents unscripted dramatic or humorous situations, documents actual events, and usually features ordinarypeople instead of professional actors in a contest or other situation where a prize is awarded.( La télé-réalité est un genre de la télévion de programmation qui présente non scénarisées ou humoristiquedes situations dramatiques, des documents des événements réels, et en général les caractéristiques des gens ordinaires plutôt que des acteurs professionnels à un concours ou autre situation où un prixest décerné. )

I/ Where does reality TV come from ?
Since the years 40’ there are emissions which film the everyday life of people : Candid Camera where people react to the pranks appears in 1948.Aktenzeichen where the public can solve criminal businesses thanks to reconstitutions is diffused in Germany by ZDFsince1967. In 1973, the chain PBS filmed the private life of people,they diffuse an American Family where we can follow the divorce of a couple in 12 episodes.This emission is taken again in the United Kingdom in 1974 under the name of The family and in Australia in1992 under the name of Sylvania Waters. In 1987 there are not less than 37 emissions of reality TV in the USA. In France, this type ofemission begins in 1992 with Perdu de vue : the investigators seek missing people)or Temoin n1 : we try to reconcilie couples.The first emission of Reality TV in sense we hear date of 1999.The emission start in Netherlands called Big brother.The prinpe is to filmed during several weeks 12 participants locked up in a...
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