The quest for truth

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The quest for truth pervades every aspect of our lives as we search for greater meaning and understanding. The Media is a clear example of the construction and propagation of ‘truth’ for public consumption. Through the full panoply of television features Frontline subverts the very features that make television such a powerful medium of communication and unveils the economic imperatives behind the construction and sensationalism of truth. The transcript of Mr Jon Faine’s speech In Defence of Talkback to Melbourne University, demonstrates the power of the rhetoric to embellish the truth in order to attract and position the audience, manipulating their emotional response.
Supply and demand is the economic imperative that drives an industry where the truth is a commodity constructed for public appeal. We Aint Got Dames is a Frontline Episode that explores this concept of media/audience responsibility. The Frontline team’s response to their declining numbers of female viewers is testament to their willingness to corrupt, distort and select ‘truth’. Rather than exiting the studio (the confines of which are symbolic of the artificiality of the news, and metaphoric for the creation of truth) they discuss the need to better package their content to win the ratings war. Similarly, Add Sex and Stir depicts the manipulation of truth to increase ratings. Irony is employed through the juxtapositioning of Brian’s initial rejection of Brooke’s story (on the premise that women’s sports stories are unpopular) and his revelation that “this is a leso story” and sex sells. Brian is emblematic for the ultimate decisive factor in the construction of truth - audience demand.
The manipulation of truth in the media is not limited to this media/audience dichotomy however, often third parties become implicated in the process to further their own interests. In We Aint’ Got Dames, Mike’s interview with politician Cheryl Kernot demonstrates the power struggle that ensues between the

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