Exposé australie en anglais

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1-1 The size of australia is : 7 686 850 km²

1-2 The main cities are :

- Sidney is situated in the North Est from Australia in the state of New South Gallsnear the Pacific Ocean.


- Perth is situated in the West of Australia in the staate of Western Australia near the Indian Ocean


- Melbourne is in the North of Australiain the state of Victoria by the sea of Tasmania

1-3 Oceans

There are two oceans in Australia :

- The Indian Ocean at the West

- The Pacific Ocean at the Est.


1-4Natural ressources

Australia has got important natural ressources, principally coalmine, ironmine, goldmine. There is also gas field, petrol, diamonds…

1-5 Agriculture

Australia is animportant producer of cereals and cattle as :

- For harvest ( wheat, sugarcane

- For horticulture ( abundance of walnut, tropical fruit, opium…

- For viticulture ( Chardonnay,carbernet
- For farming ( Australia is the biggest exporter of meat in the word (beef, lamb, sheep, chicken…)

- For fishing ( sea fruit, lobsters, tunas…

- For fibre ( Australia is knownfor the making of merinos’ wool.

1-6 Landscapes

Australia is a continent with a landscape of low plateaus which are sectioned off by rugged mountain ranges.
The Great Dividing Range is thebiggest mountain range, and starts in central Victoria and ends in Northern Queensland some several thousand kilometres in length. An area on the Victoria and New South Wales border receives more snow thanthe country of Switzerland.
Northern Australia is located in the tropics and the landscape consists of rainforest which leads into large areas of savanna grasslands which eventually mergeinto the central deserts.

These deserts are the largest in the world outside of the Sahara. The Southwest corner of Australia is populated by Karri Forests which rate as some of the tallest...
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