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 The film  Filmography



 The representation of national history in Forrest Gump

 Forrest as a witness and actor of American history

 Time in Forrest Gump

 Representation of Vietnam War ( sequence analysis)



Studio: Paramount Pictures

Director: Robert Zeneckis

Screenwriter: Winston Groom ( novel) and Eric Poth ( screenplay)

Producer: Steve Fisch and Wendy Finerman

Co producer: Charles Newirth

Director of photography: Don Burgess

Film editing: Arthur Schmidt

Costumes by: Joanna Johnston

Music: Alan Silvestri

Sound: Randy Thom , Tom Johnson , Dennis S.Sands , William B.Kuplan

Sound effect Editing: Gloria S Borders , Randy Thom

Picture: Wendy Finerman , Steve Starkey , Steve Misch

Visual effect: Ken Ralston , Georges Murphy , Stephen Rosenbaum , Allen Hall

Art direction Set decoration: Rick Carter and Nancy Haigh

Make up: Daniel C.Striepeke, Hallie D'Amore, Judith A.Cory

Cast: Ellen Lewis

Starring: Tom Hanks, Sam Anderson, Sally Field, Gary Sirise, Robin Wright, Myketti Williamson, Hanna R. Hall, Rebecca Williams, Bob Penny, John Randell

Release Date: october 5th, 1994 ( France) June 23th, 1994 ( Los Angeles and California) July 6th, 1994 ( USA)
Running Time: 136 min

Genre: comedy, drama, romance

Awards: 6 oscars, another 32 wins and 37 nominations


The film begins with a low intelligence man sitting on a bench and who is telling his life tale to people waiting at a small town bus stop. Listening his speech we are going to understand that Forrest Gump's life is very interesting because he had crossed three decades of American history and had been present in many historical moments.
Forrest Gump is the story of American situation from the 1950's to the beginning of the 1980's. He had met several important personalities as Elvis Presley, JFK, Nixon, and had fought

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