Exposé oral d'anglais au restaurant

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J: Good evening!!!
A: Good evening mister. What can I do for you?
J: Have you a free table in your restaurant?
A: Really sorry, we are full up. Could you wait fifteen minutes at least?J: If I give you a good tip, could it go faster?
A: Oh thanks you but the restaurant don’t accept that. (Met l’argent dans la main ou la poche) One of our waiters shows me that a table isready. Please follow me.
J: Is it a quiet table?
A: Yes, all ours tables are quiet. Is here a good place for you?
J: I find it nice.
A: Let me take your coat before your sit. (L’aide às’asseoir)
J: Thank you. May I have the menu, please?
A: Yes. Here is it. I let you watch the list, and come back in few minutes.
J: Thank you.
A: Are you ready to order?
J: Yes, I wouldlike a Sirloin Steak with grilled tomato and an Ice Cream.
A: Ok, how would you like your steak?
J: Well-done please.
A: And what sauce? Curry, tomato, mustard, onion?
J: Onion please,but I would the dressing on the side please. How is the steak served?
A: It comes with vegetables. What would you like to drink? Do you want to see the wine list?
J: No, just a soft drinkplease.
A: Ok, that will take ten minutes.
(Ten minutes later)
A: There is your grilled Sirloin Steak. Be careful! The plate is very hot.
J: Ok, thank you.
A: Enjoy your meal mister.J: Thank you.
J: Hum, mister?! my steak is not well done!!!
A: Ohh, we are sorry!!! We anneal your steak.
(15 minutes later)
A: Really sorry mister, but we have aproblem with our gas cooker, and we decided to offer you the dessert and the coffee will you have one?
J: Yes, why not. Not a problem, it arrives sometimes. For the dessert I would like an AlabamaChocolate Cheesecake please, and for the coffee, I would like a black one please.
(After ten minutes)
J: Waiter? Could I have the bill, please?
A: Yes Mister. Here is it.
J: Thank you.
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