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Let me introduce you to someone.
His name is wim delvoye.
He was born in 1965 (nineteen sixty five) in Werwick, Belgium.
.One of his particular aspect is that Delvoye has stick-up for provocationto emphasize our society’s contradictions and help us getting aware of them .
His work puzzles just as much as it repulses the spectator, mostly because of the humor that defines him and the cheekytone of his creations.

Two of his main works were unusual enough to get to be know by the artistic world but also by any common fellow worldwide.
The first was the tattooed pigs.
The guidingprinciple was to make anyone wonder if giving an ersatz of an identity to an animal would prevent us from considering it just as a potential food for the human kind.
With that in mind, wim paid Chinesefarmers to grow porks within their farm, under the surveillance of a vet.
Once saved from the food industry, the piglets went threw an anesthesia and get tattooed and received an official name.While they were alive, they were treated like stars.
After they died, wim took their skins and exhibit them all around the world.

The second most know work of wim delvoye was named cloaca.
The wholework is a machine/installation that imitates perfectly the human digestive system using chemical products to basically create artificial poop. Using the skills of scientists, he managed to build a2meters high and 12 (twelve)meters long machine that costed for the modest sum of 200.000$ (two hundred thousand dollars).
A remarquable detail about it is that industry contacted him to buy themachine in order to test new products with it.

To finish I’ll just say that if had to define what effect wim delvoye produces on me to someone that never heard of him I wouls say probably say somethinglike :
Consider the global borders of social values, try to think how stupid they may sound when you think about them out of their context, go beyong them and then you’ve got what wim Delvoye...
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