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FACE (Benjamin Zephaniah): Part 9 (p.152-171)

1. What do we can find out in the newspaper about the decision of he judge against Graham Fisher (Apache)?

Answer: Graham Fisher has to go 3 years in the prison for car theft and further 3 years imprisonment for the possession of, and supplying drugs. Said Murray Cole, because young people must learn that they cannot simply take what is not theirs without suffering the consequences oft he law.

Supplying drugs = Drogen handeln
Possession = Eigentum; Droge besitzen
Suffer = (er)leiden theft = Diebstahl

2. Why was Martin so alone at the lunch time in the school and how did he feel?

Answer: At the lunch time Martin ate alone, as Mark was busy impressing his new friends, Natalie ate with her girlfriends and Matthew was nowhere to be seen.
His feelings: Martin felt betrayed. This was the time when he needed moral support and there was no one there. He convinced himself that it wasn’t because they were no longer his friends, but because they were all just too busy.

impressing: beeindrucken convince: überzeugen betray = verraten, ausgenutzt 3. What does Mr. Hewitt have to organise and which question did he ask to Martin?

Answer: Mr. Hewitt have to organise a gymnastics team together for a local competition at the Newham Leisure Centre next month, so he needs to ask Martin if he want to be the captain of this team

4. How was Martin‘s reaction after the decision of Mr. Hewitt?
Answer: Firstly he was a little bit shocked because he didn’t understand why Mr. Hewitt has chosen him. He ran home at full speed. He is happy and proud of himself. When he arrived home he ran up to his mom and kissed her on both cheeks. 5. In what way did the new job of Martin have changed him?
Answer: He took his new job very seriously. He helped in the selection of the team, he helped organise training sessions and he helped to keep the morale oft he team high when the going got tough. Everyone

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