Facebook's world

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Facebook’s World

I – History

A – What is Facebook:
Facebook is a social network, aiming to maintain and build relationships between people. The story begins at Harvard on February 4, 2004. On university campus, a student, Mark Zuckerberg creates a website to facilitate exchanges with his friends. He founded "The Facebook", originally at thefacebook.com. Registration was initially limitedto students of Harvard University and the first month, more than half of the students at Harvard University has signed in on the service. So, Some friends joined him to help promoting the website, Eduardo Saverin (on the business angle), Dustin Moskovitz (is a programmer), Andrew McCollum (a graphic designer) and Chris Hughes.

B – Facebook in number :
The network grows, spreads to all of theuniversity students and several campuses, the universities of Stanford, Columbia and then to the whole United States, Canada etc.. We can now keep a blog on Facebook, share photos, chat with friends, meet friends of friends.

It has become a social toolbox, somehow, that can be employed both for personal (play, have fun, meet people) and professional purposes (purchase, sell, collaborate, organizeevents, do training, advertising).
Today, Facebook shines proudly with 600 million active members. It Users, all over the world, are 55% women and 45% men. Regarding France, it is ranked seventh in terms of users’ number and there are over 21 million users which counts as many men as women aged between 18 and 35.

II – Facebook, a new way of communication
Facebook is increasingly used allover the world, but what does really facebook brings? Why does someone register in the network? Why is it so famous?

On a individual point of view:
• it creates a group of friends, and that was the idea of ​​his very young designer,it is a network of friends, those we have crossed once, those we used to know but are far away or the current ones. Anyway, this allows to stay in touch at all timeswith a nicer way than sending mail.

• it’s a "Research tool". It is a great tool for finding lost friends (groups of elders, especially). Find them of course, not necessarily see them again. We '"add", we speak, we forget ... What is exciting is the new contact or again, which can lead to a more intense relationship but not necessarily.

• A meetic for "friends of friends" ... it allows tomeet new people and flirt easily .(What are you doing? Where are you?) It‘s like speed dating.

• A solution for the curious. Who is a friend of whom? Who said what to whom? Where are they now? Who’s dating whom? Facebook shows almost everything about everybody. Facebook informs and that’s really entertaining for some

• A “friends” factory: some people are pleased to see how the number offriends grows and multiplies. Somehow it provides the feeling of being popular. It is a sort of game in which reward goes to the one who adds the more friends.

From a professional angle:
• A tool for professional relations: For young people, who never worked, It’s a mean to find a first job. Indeed some people have already decided to make Facebook a tool for professional networking (participationin focus groups, networks of elders, everything is good to find contacts).

Lire phonétiquement
Facebook can be used to tell about an event, or the launch of a product or service. In fact, creating a page or a Facebook group makes advertisement at a very low cost.
Facebook is a mean to recruit employees, seek for partners, customers,
Fcb enables to Maintain contact with yourold and new business contacts and learn more about them through Facebook applications
used for Publishing and sharing images and files, to give an positive image of your company

III – The dark side of facebook

Nowadays, to put some data online is becoming really common and facebook offers a lot of solutions for that. It's part of our daily lives. But is it safe?

Addiction :
The tool is...
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