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FAX-2820 FAX-2920 MFC-7225N

Version B

If you need to call Customer Service
Please complete the following information for future reference: Model Number: FAX-2820, FAX-2920 and MFC-7225N (Circle your model number) Serial Number:* Date of Purchase: Place of Purchase: * The serial number can be displayed on the LCD screen (Menu/Set, 4, 1 (FAX-2820 and FAX-2920) or Menu/Set, 6,1 (MFC-7225N)). Retain this User’s Guide with your sales receipt as a permanent record of your purchase, in the event of theft, fire or warranty service.

Register your product on-line at http://www.brother.com/registration By registering your product with Brother, you will be recorded as the original owner of the product. Your registration with Brother: ■ may serve as confirmation of thepurchase date of your product should you lose your receipt; and ■ may support an insurance claim by you in the event of product loss covered by insurance.

©1996-2005 Brother Industries, Ltd.


Brother advises that this product may not function correctly in a countryother than where it was originally purchased, and does not offer any warranty in the event that this product is used on public telecommunication lines in another country.

Compilation and Publication Notice
Under the supervision of Brother Industries Ltd., this manual has been compiled and published, covering the latest product descriptions and specifications. The contents of this manual andthe specifications of this product are subject to change without notice. Brother reserves the right to make changes without notice in the specifications and materials contained herein and shall not be responsible for any damages (including consequential) caused by reliance on the materials presented, including but not limited to typographical and other errors relating to the publication.


ii Safety precautions
We use the following icons throughout this User’s Guide. Warnings tell you what to do to prevent possible personal injury. Electrical Hazard icons alert you to a possible electrical shock. Hot Surface icons warn you not to touch machine parts that are hot. Cautions specify procedures you must follow or avoid to prevent possible damage to the machine or other objects.Improper Setup icons alerts you to devices and operations that are not compatible with the machine. Notes tell you how you should respond to a situation that may arise or give tips about how the operation works with other features.

To use the machine safely
Please keep these instructions for later reference and read them before attempting any maintenance.

(For FAX-2820) If there are faxesin the machine's memory, you need to print them or save them before you turn off the power and unplug the machine. (To print the faxes in the memory, see Printing a fax from the memory on page 4-4. To save the faxes in memory, see Forwarding faxes to another fax machine on page 11-5.)

There are high voltage electrodes inside the machine. Before you clean the inside of the machine, makesure you have unplugged the telephone line cord first and then the power cord from the electrical socket.

Do not handle the plug with wet hands. Doing this might cause an electrical shock.


After you use the machine, some internal parts are extremely HOT! To prevent injures, be careful not to put your fingers in the area shown in the illustration.

The fuser unit is markedwith a caution label. Please do not remove or damage the label.

■ Use caution when installing or modifying telephone lines. Never touch telephone wires or terminals that are not insulated unless the telephone line has been disconnected at the wall socket. Never install telephone wiring during a lightning storm. Never install a telephone wall socket in a wet location. ■ This product must be...
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