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Tragic, horrifying, devastating, these are the words that come to mind when thinking of the holocaust. No one could have imagined the sickening events that transpired during the rise and fall of the Nazi army. The Nazi's appointed doctors and scientists to perform many experiments and testing on different groups of people, which for the most part ended in death. Concentration camps wereintroduced for the slave labor and mass murders of the Jews and POW (prisoners of war). Ghettos were also established to hold the Jew's until they were later sent to concentration camps. Adolph Hitler ruled with an iron fist and had his ideological mind set led the world to dark time.
Originally the experiments conducted on prisoners of the Nazi army were claimed to be designed to help the Germans incombat situations and advancements on racial ideology. Being backed by the Third Reich, the doctors would perform many experiments and testing, some of which include; freezing or hypothermia, genetics, infectious diseases, interrogation and torture, killing or genocide, pharmacological, sterilization, surgery and traumatic injuries. Some people have claimed that the experiments conducted led to hugeadvancements in medical research, but many others see it as pure torture. Any people who did not conform to Hitler’s ideology of blond hair and blue eyes, and was of the race of Jewish, blacks, Hispanics, gypsies or even homosexuals became test subjects.
Hitler was also extremely fascinated by twins, in turn led to the endless experiments on twins. These experiments left many siblings watchingthere genetically identical counterpart tortured suffering and for the most part dying. For the most part the tests that were completed only uncovered that humans was how long and under what conditions people could survive before dying after being injected with various germs, and how long they could survive in nearly freezing water or subzero temperatures. As a result of the experiments most ofthe test subjects died. Those who survived were left mutilated, permanently disabled, or suffered of mental distress. However, most of the doctors and scientists were not convicted of any murder or unethical practice for these terrible experiments.
The term ghetto has been used in many different ways over time, mostly all relating to a section of a city which is occupied by a minority group dueto social, economic and legal pressure. During the Holocaust, ghettos were established by the Nazis in order to confine the Jewish race into tightly packed areas of many cities across Europe, many of which were Nazi occupied. These Jewish ghettos were used in order to concentrate the Jewish population before sending them off to concentration camps. However, during the Holocaust, these Jewishghettos were not only used to isolate the Jews from the rest of the population, but they were seen to be the preliminary step in the desired complete annihilation of the Jewish race, also known as the "Final Solution". In many cases, the Nazis would turn the ghettos themselves into death camps by invading them and performing mass murders. In addition, everyday life in ghettos was torture in itself. Infact, these areas were often enclosed with barbed wire making the Jews life more like a prison sentence. Also, if any Jew was found leaving these enclosed ghettos, they would often be shot by Nazi guards. Often the Jews were forced to perform slave-like labor, they live in poverty and were forced to live lives as if they were criminals in the isolate areas they were refined too.
Moreover, thelargest and most popular ghetto in Nazi occupied Europe was the Warsaw Ghetto, located in Poland. This ghetto was established by the German Governor-General, Hans Frank on October 16, 1940. This man of power forced every Jew in Warsaw as well as its suburbs into this ghetto. It is estimated that over 400 000 Jews were sent to live in this isolated area, equaling 30% of the total population of...
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