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To Kill A Mockingbird
The story takes place in Maycomb, a small town where everyone knows everyone. Like the narrator says a day equals 24 hours but they seem much longer. The narrator is a young girl called Jean Louise Finch. Her nickname is scout. She has a big brother named Jem. Her mother died when she was 2 so she does not remember her. Her father is a lawyer and his name is Atticus. Lateron in the story he will have to defend a Negro. The story starts at the end. It is a flashback. She recounts all the events preceding the incident leading to the trial.
The summer the Finchfamily met Dill changed their life. Dill comes in the summers to Miss Rachel’s house. He and Scout love each other. Since Scout and Jem told the story about Boo Radley to Dill whose real name is Charles Baker Harris, he is fascinated by him. So they try and make him come out. Jem has been challenged by Dill, to touch the door of Boo’s house to make him come out. It fails. Boo Radley, whose realname is Arthur Radley, is a man who is kept by his brother inside the house because of a mistake he made when he was younger.
September arrived and it was time for Dill to go. It was Scout’s first year in school, and obviously her first day was a disaster, she had changed her mind on what she thought about school. She even wants to quit school and read with her father. The year passes and scoutstill does not like school. Jem tries to comfort her by telling her that as years pass it gets better.
It is summer again and Dill comes back to Maycomb. They invent a new game which consists of reconstituting Boo’s life and playing it. Atticus tells them to stop their game and leave Boo Radley alone. Little by littlethe boys grow closer and exclude Scout from their games. So she goes to see Miss Maudie and they talk. The day before Dill’s departure they decide to go to the Radley place to see Boo. But things take a turn for the worse, Nathan comes out and shoots, thinking it’s a Negro. While they run away Jem’s pants get caught in the fence so he takes them off. They go back home. While they go back home allthe adults come out to see what had happened. The children go to see and Atticus realises that Jem has no pants on. They lie to Atticus. That night Jem goes to fetch his pants. He will never talk about this until later on. Then Dill went back to Meridian. A few days later Jem talks to Scout about the night when he went to fetch his pants.
School started and Scout still disliked it as much asbefore. Jem and scout were finding objects in a knothole of a tree in the Radleys place. One day Nathan Radley fills it up with cement with the excuse that the tree was dying. When Jem asks Atticus about the tree this one says that the tree is not dying. This winter was colder than the others. It even snows and the children make a snow man for the first time.
One night a fire starts in Miss Maudie’shouse. Atticus takes the children out of the house and tells them to go by the Radley place. While the children are absorbed by what was happening, someone wrapped Scout in an extra blanket and Atticus says that it was Boo Radley. After this incident Miss Maudie does not seem sad about her house because she did not like it.
Atticus has been asked to defend a black man, Tom. This one is accusedof having raped a white woman. It is a case in which everybody knows he is going to lose. So in school one of Scout’s classmates teases her and she loses her temper. He calls Atticus a “nigger lover”.
At Christmas time Uncle Jack comes and they go to Aunt Alexandra’s. Francis, his son is a boy that Scout and Jem do not appreciate. That day uncle Jack had told off Scout. That evening Francis...
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