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ava Baja, 30. Madrid.
Teléfono: 913 66 29 84. Cierra martes.
Precio: entre 3.000 y 4.000 pesetas. Berenjenas crujientes con salmorejo, 1.200. Callos a la madrileña, 1.150. Patatas con huevos Lucio, 1.300. Pan perdido con natillas, 675.
Pan...6 - Café...4 - Bodega...6 - Ambiente...5 - Servicio...5,5 - Aseos...6

Casa Paco. Puerta Cerrada, 11 (Sol). Tel. 91 366 31 66. Horario: de 12.30 a 16 h.y de 19.30 a 24 h. Domingo cerrado
casa paco Dirección: Cava Baja, 18. Teléfono: 91 365 82 10. Horario: Cerrado domingos. Precio medio:
San Leonardo 12
Zona: Pl. España

Teléfono reservas: 91 541 76 83


Tipo de cocina: Cocina vasca
Especialidades: Carnes y pescados a la parrilla


Madrid has been listening to the bestflamenco since the early 19th century and has seen the best artists triumph here. Several activities surrounding this art form continue to flourish - well informed magazines such as Alma 100 (free, with some articles in English and Japanese) and La Caña, the radio program Madrid flamenco in Onda Madrid and hundreds of dance academies such as the famous Amor de Dios academy in Fray Luis de Leon street. Flamenco can be seen in many bars and taverns in Madrid. Normally you would go for an evening meal to one of these places, and listen to the music afterwards.
You could start off your day at Casa Patas, La Torre del Oro or Viña Pe, where you could sit down for lunch or just order a wine, some "tapas", listen to the music and take in the flamenco atmosphere.
 Later in the afternoon why notvisit Madrid's specialized flamenco shop, El Flamenco Vive at number 7 Conde de Lemos street, to buy a CD or book ? (Or check out their website here)
 You could also head to El Abuelo in Calle Paz or Los Gabrieles in Echegaray street for more tapas in bars with a flamenco ambient. On Wednesdays, one of the best places is El Mago, also in Calle Paz.
 Go Madrid now offers the chance to book a flamencoshow and dinner
If you prefer a professionally arranged tour with flamenco show included, click here.
 Or, just visit any of the following bars, taverns and restaurants and ask if there will be any flamenco artists playing ...

| El Corral de la Morería, |Calle Morería, 17 | |
|Casa Patas | Calle Cañizares 10| |
|Viña Pe Restaurant | Plaza de Santa Ana | |
|La Torre del Oro | Calle Tutor 38 | |
|Casa Manolo | Calle de Jovellanos | |
|El Abuelo | Calle Paz| |
|Peña Chaquetón | Calle de Canarias | 33 |
|El Mago | Calle de Velarde | |
|El Candela | Calle del Olmo 8 | |
|Suristán | Calle de la Cruz| 7 |
|Cardamomo | Calle de Echegaray | 15 |
|Los Gabrieles | Calle de Echegaray | 17 |
|El Burladero | Calle de Echegaray | 19 |
|La Soleá | Cava Baja| 34 |
|. Las Carboneras |Plaza del Conde de Miranda |1 |

Flamenco Shows in Madrid
 Cafe de Chinitas on Calle Torija, 7 (tel. 91-5595135) is a restaurant offering regular flamenco shows. Even though it is sometimes (over) propular with tourists, the quality of flamenco is still good enough to make your visit worthwhile.
 In Los...
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