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Economic Opportunities in the Baltic Region

Estonian Embassy in France:
Amandine Pailhas * Website description.
The website includes: * Home:
Several articles appeared in the press or on internet about News and Events in Estonia. Also, you find contact of Estonian Embassy. The homepage is friendly and clear. Pictures of Estonian ticker on the top of the page, and can give you a foretaste of what you can discover in Estonia.

The homepage includes several links:

* Embassy * Honorary Consults * France and Estonia – Visits, agreements, economic relations, defense Co-operation, Co-operation between ministries of internal affairs, agriculture, Co-operation in the field of research and technology, language instruction, cultural relations) * Estonia - You can find some information about Geography, Population, Main city, Language, State, Currency, Education, and Religion.

It’s consisting in 8 links:

* The State- Structure and Symbols * Economy at a Glance * History * Nature * Culture * Biotechnology * Tallinn 2011 * * Consular information * Estonia in the EU * Estonian links about General info of Estonia. * Tourism and information * News & Events.

* Advantages/ Inconvenient of Website

* The website is easy to use. All the information are presented clearly. You can find what you’re looking for easily. All the services are separately presented, and just by clicking. * On the homepage, there is a “Search link”, to find directly what you’re looking for. You just have to tape a word, and you navigated quickly to different link. * Trilingual: You can use the website in French, Estonian or English. * When, you tape “Estonian Embassy in France” on Google, it’s easy to find the good website. As well, is easier to access on it.

* The “News” aren’t up dated, the last new is

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