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Today Qatar is a country in a full expansion. Thiscountry is considered as a real country of consumption. The main activities in Doha are shopping and restaurants.
There are more and more French people who leave France to go to live in Qatar ; in fact, the French expertise is in demand. It’s a real country of investment.
Qatar was chosen to host the 2022 FIFA World Cup. This event will permit to Qatar to develop infrastructures, tourism,trade…Qatar represents the opening, the security, stability…For Qatar, it will be a real commercial action to organize this event and a real chance to develop the country.

We can ask the question how to take advantages of this development and in which sectors we have to invest in Qatar, to have a maximum of profits.
As say above, Qatari people are interested in shopping, they spend all the day in malls,in which they can find many international brands ; but we can say that it never enough for them. Even, foreigners who live in Qatar (Americans, French, Spanish, English…) took these habits of shopping. This is the main activity in Qatar.
Today Galeries Lafayette is interested more and more in the international. They aim at emerging countries. Qatar is the perfect country for the GaleriesLafayette development. This concept-store meets the demand of Qatari population who is addicted to the shopping and luxury fashion.
Galeries Lafayette is a concept store dedicated to luxury fashion. This concept-store will be located in the « The Pearl », a man-made island developed in an exclusive environment, situated at 20 kilometers from the airport of Doha, the capital of Qatar. It will be the mostglamorous address in Qatar and in all the Middle East. The island includes an important mix of population : French, Italian, Spanish, Arabic… We can find the same concept in Dubai or Abu Dhabi. This is the perfect place in Doha to develop a concept-store like Galeries Lafayette. We can say that The Pearl is a real world of contrasts, in which you can find many destinations within an island.

Tobe more precise Galeries Lafayette will be located in the mall named « Qanat Quartier », this is the third mall of The Pearl, with a Venetian environment.

The island include :
• An international yachting hub with three marinas
• Three five star hotels
• International retail, restaurants, coffee-shops and entertainment
• Schools and other facilities…

This project willappear in three parts : firstly we will make a market data essentials to understand our market and know perfectly our company. Then, in a second part we will touch on the market stakes and challenges of the large department store. To finish, we will present the Qatari new concept of Galeries Lafayette.

I/ A market data essentials
Part 1 : Presentation of Galeries Lafayette...
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