Gandhi's narration

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This document is a text, and it is an extract from a biography of Gandhi, written by Roberta Strauss in 1965. Gandhi was India's most famous leader, he really helped India to get its Independence from the British, thanks to his non-violent ways of fighting for people's rights. This document deals with Gandhi's first awerness to the problems of discrimination towards coloured people in South Africa
Because of his job, Gandhi had to leave Durban, to go to Pretoria, by train. He had a first class ticket, and he travelled in the first class compartment until Maritzburg, he was asked to move to a lower class compartment
Because a white passenger protested to railroad officials, that he didn't want a coloured person in the same compartment that he was. As gandhi stand firm against moving, he was kicked off the train, and he had to spend the night in a dark and cold train station. That night, he decided that "he woud fight for his rights and the rights of people".
After this night, Gandhi sent letters to railroad officials and to his employer, and there he's allowed to take the train until the end of the line, in the first class compartment. Still, after his he had to write one more letter of protest. Because after he left the train, he had to go by stagecoach, and Gandhi's was forbidden to sit inside the stagecoach with the white passengers. In order to fight for his rights, Gandhi wrote another telegram to railroad officials, where he insisted that the following day he'd be seating inside the stagecoach, with the other white passengers, "he was".
After inviting the residents Indians in south Africa, to a meeting, where he made a speech showing his indgntation towards discrimination. this same indians threw Gandhi a farewell party where they asked him to stay in South Africa to help them fighting against discrimination This demand of help was because, a bill that would "deprive indians of the right to vote for members of the legislative assembly" was about

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