Give me a big mac

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" Give me a Big Mac, but hold the beef "

This text is a newspaper article from "The Guardian Weekly", written by Luke Harding in January 2001. This article deals with McDonald's establishment difficulties in India. First, we will talk about McDonald's wishes to develop in India. Then, we will comment on religion problems, and finally we will explain customs and poverty problems.

1) McDonald's expansion in India

In India there is 1, 2 billions people, this is the 2nd most populated country in the world. Thanks to this higher population, McDo the fast-food global leader decided to increase in India. "If McDonald's can succeed here, it can succeed anywhere", this is the McDonald's observation. This sentence really explains the vision of the fast-food because McDo wasn't famous in India 15 years ago and now there are 169 restaurants in India. The most important of them are in the West and South zone : Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra. And in the North and East zone : Delhi, Punjab.

2) Religion problems

A big problem appears to McDonald's. India is the most populated country in the world, with no less than 140 millions of Muslims. As you will understand, Muslims can't eat pork, so they can't buy any sandwich constitute with this meat. Another problem even more important than the first settles to McDonald's. The beef is on the list of holy animals so a large majority of the population can't eat beef. But McDonald's never back down, the Indian market is too important for this society, so they found the solution to these 2 problems. They put chicken and mutton, and take out pork and beef. They finally change the name of Big Mac and called it "Mahajara Mac".

3) Customs and poverty problems

India is a very traditional country. Indians have their type of music, of food… Also there are lots of feasts day in India. For the food, I think there are two categories of persons. The first category is the category of traditional people who eat the great Indian

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