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1- Get a light pencil and pick a letter that you want to piece.
now in constructiing this letter we are gonna pice it together like building blocks
this is an example using the letter "B" and "S" (haha, i did'nt mean to use B S as in bullsh&t, it was purely accident)
Now pickin a starting point is purley up to the individual, i like to start with what i wouldconcider a basic frame.

2- Now as you can see i am overlapping lines, sort of like a transparent style letter, but these lines will be erased after we ink the out lines in later.

3- You can be allot more creative once you get used to this kind of letter building, but for now keep it simple.

4- After your done you can ink in the outer lines of the letter  and then erase all the pencil lines,and thats it.

5- Also you can get more creative and add hookups and 3D to make the letter more funky.

1- take two pencils, and tape them together and make sure the points are even.

2- Hit a light tag on a blank paper(do not put to much pressure on the pencil so that the tag is very light), And make sure that the letters are positioned even (use guide linesif you have to)
You can make it a simple tag, or  you can make it a more stylized tag. In this example i chose a more simple tag.

3- Now get a single and darker pencil (or just use more pressure). and start adding hook ups. try and connect a few letters. If you look at this example, you can see that i added pipes to connect letters (like the top of the "G" connecting to the "L"), arrowspointing in different directions (like the one on the top of the "W", chips like the one on the bottom corner of the "S".
And be very creative in adding hookups, but don't over do it.

4- now get a black outliner ( fine point marker). I use:
you can find them in any art store, stationary, walmart, ect.
Now outline all the outer lines of the tag 9do notoutline the inside lines of the tag), and let the ink dry, then erase the pencil.

5- Optional, you can add some shadow style 3D. (that i will teach in a future lesson about adding 3D)

Using a Pencil and Eraser

1- Draw two swerve guide lines (or two straight guide lines)

2- Box out a spot for each letter of the word your gonna piece.

3- Pencil (very light) a basic outline of each letter.Use the guide lineS on some parts to show the swere shape.

4- Darken the main lines and erase all other lines.

5- Connect each letter to each other with Pipe style conncetions. And erase unwanted lines.

6- Extend certain parts of each letter to give extra flava.

7- Add Arrows where ever you see fit. Erase unwanted lines.

8- Add chips and pieces off each flat part of your piece. Andmake sure you erase all unwanted lines so you can see only your  true pencil lines.

9- Add 3D lines, i chose to angle the lines inward to give a better 3D effect. So the left letters angle to the right, the right letters angle to the left, and the middle letters come straight down.

10- Now connect the lines with the bottom shape of your letters to make a 3D effect.

11- Ink in the piecefirst (not the 3D) just in case you might make some last minute changes to the letters.

12- Now ink in the 3D.

13- Add your final grid style effect to the 3D.

Rock Piece Progression

1-Light pencil sketch.

2- Darker pencil sketch with arrows.

3- More arrows and hookups.

4- Add 3D.

5- Ink in outline.

6- Darker force field outline.

7-Circle style3D fillin.

8- Black cloud.

1-First make a simple outline like the one below

2- Now im not an art teacher, so im gonna explain this in simple graff terms.
if your doing 3D on the bottom of the piece, then draw straight and equal lines going down from the outside of each and every bottom corner of the piece that faces down (do not make lines withing the letters...
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