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Assignment 1: Topographic Maps
Tarik Gasmia
Part 1 : Basic map data/info
A large scale map is commonly used for smaller areas,meaning that the map will be more detailed. A small scale map is the contrary, it covers a larger area with less detail.Example: If you’re looking at a whole country from a map, you will most likely be using a small scale map and if you’re looking at an area which isconsidered small, you will probably going to use a large scale map.
A: - In centimeters, the south end to the north edge of the map is55.5cm
In kilometers, the south end to the north edge of the map is 27.75km
B: - In centimeters, the east to the west edge ofthe map is 78cm
In kilometers, the east to the west edge of the map is 39km
A: NW: 74°00, 45°45. NE: 73°30, 45°45.
SW:74°00, 45°30. SE: 73°30, 45°30
A: Equal-Area. B: A projection of this type preserves the distance.
It is fairlyrecent. It was published in the year 2000.
The reference number on the map is 3H/12
If I wanted the map directly west from thisone, I would ask for 31G/9
Part 2 : Distance and elevation on a topographic map
1 &2.
A: Pour 45°31’30’’ N 73° 34’ 15’’ W ---> Parc Lafontaine B: Pour 45° 45’ N 73° 59’ W ---> Municipale de ville de Saint-Antoine
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