History in english : the impact of ww1 on ireland

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The Impacts of WWI in Ireland

In 1914, the Great war broke through out Europe, it had an impact in every country even neutrals ones. Britain, one of the majors actors in the war, dominatedIreland. In total, about 210, 000 Irishmen fought in the war in the service of the British force. Some 35, 000 Irishmen died during the war.

Ireland was deeply divided between Nationalist andUnionist political groups. The Nationalists wanted independence. When the war began, both the Nationalists and the Unionists decided to fight alongside Britain in the war. In the case of the Nationalists,they calculated that they would have a bargaining chip to use after the war. Like everyone they thought that the war was going to end by Christmas 1914. But when the war was still at a stalemate in1916, the Nationalists knew that the war was going to go on for years and planned an uprising to drive Britain, which was distracted by the war, out of Ireland. The rebellion took place on Easter Monday1916. The rebels took over the key buildings in the city, raised the Irish Flag and read a Proclamation of Independence and the formation of the Republic of Ireland. After 5 days of bloody fighting,the British regained control. Almost 100 men were shot after nominal trials and this stirred up feelings against the British occupier.

At the treaty of Versailles, European powers redrew the map ofEurope. This gave hope to the Nationalists, and the Sinn Fein tried to get Ireland’s independence through the treaty. Unfortunately the proposition was ignored

On 21 January 1919, the IrishRepublican Army shot dead 2 Irish policemen; this was the beginning of the War of Independence. In 1920 the IRA, led by Michael Collins, decided to intensify the war. Meanwhile, The Government ofIreland Act 1920 was passed, which divided the county into two parts, Northern and Southern Ireland, each having Home Rule. This was accepted in Northern Ireland (where there was a Protestant majority)....
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