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Does Beauty Matter

In the video segment ``Does beauty Matter`` we saw different opinions regarding the beauty of the people . I have ambivalent opinions and in this following text I will explain my ideas.

Firstly, I don’t think that beauty should matter when you are willing to get a job but as seen in this video, the more attractive people gets more opportunities , better incomes and many advantages in their daily lives. I think that good-looking people are more confident,more persuasive and are stereotypes so that explains why more of them get jobs. As seen in the video, the children say that the good-looking teacher is smarter, nicer, talks better and cooperates more ,though she did exactly the same thing than the other teacher. That explains the presence of the good-looking person stereotype. I was really surprise about the process because the law is a very important aspect in our society. The good-looking guy had a lighter sentence than the other guy only because of the stereotype of the good-looking guy. Though the both men didn’t talk and they had the same charge. Thats why I think it is really unfair to judge the people appearance for criminal acts and for jobs because in those domains there is no place for stereotypes, everyone should be judged equally.

Secondly, I think that people that aren’t good-looking will need to look nicer enough to get that extra attention that good-looking people gets because the appearance in our society has become very important. Most of the bad-looking people are perceived as bizarre people and we aren’t as interrested to meet that person, so unfortunately,there is also a stereotype associated to them.

To conclude this text, I think that beauty does matter in our society, even though it is really unfair because everyone should have the same chances. In the past, there wasn’t discrimination but as the society evolved the beauty appears to

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