Legally blond

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Legally Blond

The document at stakes is a photo which is taken from a film entitled « Legally Blond ». The movie was released in 2001 by Robert Luketic and tells the story of Ellen Woods, a blond girl. She had a boyfriend who broke up because he thought that to have a blond girlfriend wasn’t good for his political carrier. Ellen Woods decided to take her revenge and started to studying law at Harvard.

I- Description

The central character, the focal point of the picture is a sexy-looking blond young lady, in her twenty’s. She’s walking on a campus, in a low-necked tight fitting dress.

Her dress, her glasses, her high heeled shoes and her dog’s coat are pink. Her dog, which she’s holding on a leash, matches her: both of them wear the same colour, have the same neckless and hold a pom-pom pink pen.

She’s got long blond wavy hair and carrying folders. The woman has the American’s tips and looks in a tip-top chef as she enjoys being looking at. She looks like more as a Barbie dolls than a student.

Indeed, behind the girl, the photo is blurred. We can see some students dressed with dark preppy style clothes. They are staring at her in a very disapproving way, very critical way. They are scandalized by her outfit (= not suitable = unsuitable) that why she seems so out of place. And even if the man on the left looks down at her, she’s tickled pink.

II- A photo who illustrated a form of prejudice

Indeed, this photo illustrated this form of prejudice: you can’t judge by appearance.

In the film, Ellen Woods becomes a successful lawyer. It shows that you can’t judge a book by is cover, and it breaks apart the cliché of the “dumb blond”.

In looking at the photo, we have to understand that is no use jumping to conclusions. She’s different and atypical from students, that’s why she’s rejected by the others.
Then, we can say that it denounces intolerance and narrow-mindless.

People have preconceived ideas. They’re prejudiced against the

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