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Welcome, you r Helene right?

Good, let s have a sit. You are interesting by a job in the Cosmetic Studio of Chanel and I will evaluate your skill for this job.

First, I let you introduceyourself briefly :

Well, my name is Helene I am graduated from the ISG business school of Paris and St Johns University in NYC, after that I worked at the Officiel Magazine in Paris I wrote fashionarticle. I had to go to different shop and pick up wears shoes etc they wanted us to make parutions in our magazine.
This work was really interested but I m more interested in product conception,play with colors ..

Now, let’s talk about your background :

* How many hours a week would you like to work ?
I like to work when I love my job so its not a problem, however I want to be sur tohave time for my social life.

* Are you a morning person or a night person ?
I think I m both because in my ex job I had to work earlier sometime and really late during the fashion week.* How many days a year do you think is normal for a person to be absent or late ?
0 except for medical reason of course. Working means responsibility and organization, there is no place forabsenteeism and delay..

* Why did you choose this line of work ?
I choose it because we are kind of free. Free to create, like for make up, free to choose the color and forms. I like it too becauseChanel is the major company in the world cosmetic and fashion.

Now, let’s talk about Education and Intelligence :
* Do you like to read ? What do you like to read ?

I like to read fashionmagazine like Vogue, official…
And newspaper of course to be aware of what happened in the world, economically etc

* Why did you choose that school?
I choose the ISG business school because itallowed me to come and study in the us and China.
* Is it a good school ? Why or why not ?
ISG is such a good school; it’s an international business school and have a large network all over the...
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