Ipad green

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The new IPAD Green


The Ipad Green is a tablet that looks like a bigger Iphone or Ipod Touch. . It has a led touch screen interface.

- Features:
 Height : 9,50 inches (241,2mm)
 Width: 7,31 inches (185,7 mm)
 Depth: 0,34 inches (8,8 MM)
 Weight: 1,33 pounds (601 gr)
 Storage: 16 GB, 32 GB, 64 GB
 Wireless and cellular: Wifi, Bluetooth
 Cameras, video, TV
Power and battery: 25 watt hour rechargeable lithium-polymer (10 hours of surfing the web on Wi-Fi, watching video or listening to music)
- Environmental features:
 "Arsenic-free display glass
 Mercury-free LCD display
 PVC-free
 Recyclable aluminum and glass enclosure"
- Green Ipad specifics:
 Available in several colors: green, pink, purple, and blue
 Computerreuse and recycling program
Apple has a “computer reuse and recycling program” and even gives a gift card for the value of our old computer, but this program doesn’t include the iPad according to Apple’swebsite. It would be interesting to apply it to our new product.
Target market:
- customers with an environmental focus
- high purchasing power
- geek


It will have a different setof price depending on the storage and will be a little expensive than the new Ipad coming.

- 16 GB: 550 € ($499 for the Ipad 2)
- 32 GB: 650 € ($599)
- 64 GB: 750 € ($699)

The product isbase on innovation and has an “haut de gamme” image. The pricing strategy will be adapted to the demand; the expected price for a tablet is around 400-500 € euros. The Ipad will be slightly above thispricing to maintain its brand policy. To boost the sales a special promotion, three months after its launching, will offer a 100 € discounts on any other Apple products for the purchase of a Green Ipad.Place

- Apple’s store
- Retail outlets like Fnac Surcouf
- Apple’s website
- Apple’s partner websites: cdiscount, rueducommerce…


As for any launching of Apple’s...
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