Is it important to succeed in school ?

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Is it important for you to succeed in school ?

I. YES, it is important to succeed in school.

The idea of education is so that I will be prepared tosurvive in the “adult world”.

Probably the most obvious reason education is important is to acquire the basic knowledge needed to get by in everyday life.English and language skills will help me to communicate my ideas more clearly. Communication skills are essential in any role (whether I am dealing withother workers, patients, customers, or supervisors, I will need to effectively convey my plans, ideas, goals, and such). Cooking, shopping, and many otheractivities that I do everyday require mathematic skills as well, regardless of my career choice.

In prehistoric times education included the use ofweapons; the art of tracking; the art of concealment. All of these helped people hunt and find shelter in relative safety.
Nowadays we have a capitalistenvironment to survive in. This relies on the attainment of wealth. This helps me pay for shelter and food and clothing. The greater my income the fewer problemsarise for gaining these items.

Many employers require college level education.

II. NO, it is not important to succeed in school.

Going to schooldoesn't automatically make me intelligent, nor does it measure my competency. If I am a good entrepeneur and I have street smarts, there are always ways. WhileBill Gates does not have a degree, he is very well intelligent. Sometimes being in the right place at the right time can also help...

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