Israel lobbies

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 Definition: the diverse coalitions of American

citizens who seek to influence the foreign policy of the US in support of Israel. « Jewish » ones. heterogeneity.

 We should talk about Israel lobbies and not

 Israel lobbies are characterized by their

 AIPAC seems to concentrate all the power.

I) A short history of Israel lobbies.

II) Focus on two lobbies : A) AIPAC. B) J-Street, the emerging Israel lobby III) Israel lobbies and current events.

I. A short history of Israel lobbies in the United States
 1967 : consolidation of the relations between Israel

and the United States
 1974 : Yasser Arafat’s move for an Israel-palestinian

peace agreement Mobilisation of Israel lobbies against it.
 Carter’s presidency: eviction of the AIPAC and of the

Presidents Conference
 Reagan’s presidency : growing momentum of the AIPAC

 1984-1988 : Period of the « National Union ».  Jewish lobbies as the Likoud’s Spokemen

 1991 : George Bush takes a stand against the power of Jewish


 1993: Oslo Agreements. Support of the AIPAC.  2001 : Pro-Israeli position of George W. Bush’s administration

 2008: Strategic turn in the interactions between Obama’s

administration, Israel and Israel Lobbies

Yitzhak Rabin, Bill Clinton, Yasser Arafat,

II. Focus on AIPAC and J-Street (1)
A) AIPAC 1) Short history -

Founded in 1951 by Isaïe L. Kenen. 1967: the Six-Day War is a key moment for the relations between the US and Israel. A conservative organization. Ability of AIPAC to claim that it is speaking for the entire American Jewish community.

II. Focus on AIPAC and J-Street (2)
2) Strategies



Traditional but effictive strategies. Influence on Congressmen through the financing of their electoral campaigns. Expertise. Influence on the executive branch thanks to the « Jewish vote ». Influence on the media.

The influence of AIPAC on the Congress

B. J Street,

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