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E J B, J D B C, J S P, a n d S e r v l e t s
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Gregor y Brill

T h e d e v e l o p e r ’s s h o r t c u t . S t a r t h e r e .

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This e-book is intended for the exclusive use of, and distribution among, members of the Javalobby developer community. Only registered members of the Javalobby community may use this bookwithout charge. The distribution of this e-book to individuals who are not Javalobby members is strictly prohibited. Printed editions of CodeNotes® titles are available at your local bookstore or from online booksellers. Electronic editions of titles in the series are available from online booksellers. If you would like to ask the authors any questions about J2EE or any technology, simply go, and post your questions to the appropriate forum. Our authors monitor these forums continuously and will be happy to answer any questions you might have. For any questions or comments about this e-book, please feel free to contact us at
About CodeNotes

CodeNotes®, a joint venture with Random House Books ( and Infusion DevelopmentCorporation (, is a new concept in computer-book publishing. This series was designed for the software developer who needs to come up to speed quickly on a new language or technology. Most programming books give equal weight to all areas of a given technology, forcing a developer to spend time sorting out the critical aspects. CodeNotes® takes a different approach, drilling down tothe core aspects of a technology and focusing on the key elements needed to implement it immediately, thus presenting highly technical material in a format and style that is efficient and instantly useful. CodeNotes® is a unique resource for developers, bridging the gap between comprehensive manuals and pocket references. In every edition of CodeNotes® you'll find: • The closest thing to aninstructor-led class on essential technologies • Real-world examples and training-style lab exercises • A section that warns developers of potential pitfalls, and offers alternative workarounds to common problems • Free access to, which provides additional background and examples, bulletin and message boards, and a constantly expanding Code Gallery that developers can cut and paste
WhatPeople Are Saying About CodeNotes

“I bought two of your CodeNotes books and I'm a true believer...well written and concise...will quickly snatch up the rest as they become available.” – Dan, California “I just picked up two of the books in the CodeNotes series and am I ever pleased! Well written, helpful and to the point. I truly appreciate the size and weight of your CodeNotes series. Both thewriting and layout are clear and they deliver on their promises.” – Mark, Ontario, Canada

“Brought me up to speed in .NET in one night. I was able to read through this 200-page book in a night and have a very good understanding about .NET the next morning at work.” – Arlington, Virginia (Amazon customer review) “Clear and concise. This series of books is great for getting a handle on the newtechnologies. They are written in a straightforward manner to provide maximum information in minimal time and investment.” – Redmond, Washington (Amazon customer review) “The information is relevant, concise, and explained using an easy-to-understand manner without being condescending.... The book uses CodeNotes Pointers that connect you to more detailed information on the website.The information on the website is just as useful and clear as the book itself; very well done.” – Carrollton, Texas (Amazon customer review) “Excellent succinct overview of the topics. This is the ‘anti-doorstop’—it gets right to the point, inserts code and screen scrapes for maximum effect, and is backed up with a lot of good detail on the CodeNotes website. The best surveys of the topics I've...
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