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The social networks

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* Hello everybody, I’m going to talk about : The social Networks.

* Since 2005 the consumers use more and more thesocial networks in order to communicate. The social Networks are an important tool of communication for companies in order to promote their brand or product or toimprove their database for exemple.

* Among the social networks, we can quote : Tweeter, Youtube or Facebook. I choose to talk about Facebook, because it’s the leader onthe market.

* So in order to present you the importance of Facebook for the companies, I’m going to show the evolution of the number of users of this socialNetwork.

* So, we can see here, the graph of the evolution of the number of users.

* As you can see; Facebook was launched in 2005.

* During the firstyear, we can see an important increase. Indeed, in 2006, there was twenty million users.

* Then, the figures show a positive trend from 2006 to 2008 with fiftymillion users in 2008.

* From 2008 to 2009, the number of users has considerably jumped. Indeed the users have gone up from fifty million to Two hundred millions. So,the figures were multiplied by four.

* Since 2009, the number of users has rocketed. With Two hundred and fifty, then Three hundred and finally Three hundred andfifty millions in November 2009.


So to conclude, we can say that facebook has Three hundred and fifty millions users in November 2009.
Since thecreation of the site, the number of users have rocketed.
In 2010, facebook had four hundred million users.
So we can say that Facebook is a real opportunity for the companies.
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