Jour des langues

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The 26th September is European Day of Languages, which is celebrated across 45 countries in Europe to celebrate linguistic diversity and the benefits of being able to speak another language. Throughcelebrating this day, it is hoped to increase awareness and appreciation of other languages and to encourage lifelong language learning.

Learning other peoples’ languages is a way of helping us tounderstand each other better and overcome differences. Language learning brings many benefits, there have never been more opportunities to work or study abroad and many businesses now insist thatemployees have knowledge of a second language.
Learning other languages helps to improve communication skills and thinking skills, it improves intercultural understanding and promotes Europeancitizenship.

We live in a multi cultural and multi lingual world and speaking another persons’ language can help us to understand their culture and outlook on life. Language learning is an excellent way tobreak down the barriers that divide people and begin to build bridges.

Trying to learn new languages is a way to spread tolerance and mutual understanding. Linguistic diversity is a reality and isone of Europe’s strengths. It is part of our cultural heritage and our identity.

Did you know that almost two thirds of the world’s population are bi-lingual and there are over 225 differentlanguages spoken in Europe?
Many of our friends here in Queen Elizabeth High School are lucky enough to have a second, or even third language. They are going to say a few words in their native languagenow- listen carefully and see if you can work out the language…

EG- French / Spanish / Turkish / German / Polish etc…
(Ask for volunteers)

We are not the only ones who think that it is importantto learn other languages. Some very famous people appreciate the linguistic and cultural benefits of language learning…

Did you know that:
Gary Linekar can speak English, Spanish and Japanese,...
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