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The sound of music (1965)
Hi, the movie I’m going to talk about is The Sound of Music of 1965. I chose this movie because it’s my mom’s favourite movie, so I watched it many times when I was young and I really liked it. I thought that this presentation was a good opportunity to remind me this beautiful story. It is also a very good classic musical dramas.
Director: Robert Wise, he died in 2005 and he lived in the United-State.
Screenplay: Ernest Lehman, he died in 2005 and he lived in the United-State.
Setting: The setting is in Salzburg in Austria in the late 1930’s just before the annexation of Austria with Nazi Germany. The big part of the story takes place in the house of the Captain Von Trapp which is very big and there’s also the nunnery of Stift Nonnberg where Maria is studying to become a nun.
We can easily see that this is an old movie, because of the religion that was very important and because of the family relationship when all the children have to be very polite with their father. There’s also the clothing and the structure of the city that shows the past area.
The characters: 1. Maria, the main character. At the beginning she’s a young lady who wants to become a nun but has difficulty to follow the convent’s rules. At the end, she becomes a mature woman with many responsibilities. She’s also passionate with the music and loves to sing. 2. The captain Von trapp, he is a widow. He’s the father of seven children and runs his family like an army camp. 3. Leisl, the oldest one is 16 years old. 4. Friedrich 5. Louisa 6. Kurt 7. Brigitta 8. Marta 9. And Gretl, the youngest one is 5 years old.
The plot: * Maria who is studying to become a nun is sent from her convent to be the governess of seven children of the Captain Von trap who is a naval commander. * At the beginning the children hostile Maria, but with the time they come to like her. Maria, who loves to sing, teaches them to sing and they are

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