Lafarge csr report

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Lafarge CSR report

Annual report : 3
Corporate strategy : 3
International agreements : 3
Main priorities of the group : 3
Economical priorities :: 3
Environmental priorities : 4
Social priorities : 4
Governance priorities : 4
Stakeholders 5
Shareholders: 5
Subcontractors and suppliers : 5
Employees and Union Organizations : 6
NGO’s: 6Sustainable Development objectives and indicators 6
Social objectives 6
Economic objectives 8
Environmental objectives 8
Reporting standards : 10
Examples in investments made by Lafarge: 12
Agilia is a compacting cement range launched by Lafarge: 12
Sustainable commitments in Kenya and Uganda: 13

Annual report :
Company : Lafarge
Sector : Industry
Year : 2009
CEO : Bruno Lafont
Nameof the report : Sustainability report
Activity : world leader in building material

Corporate strategy :
Values : Respect and trust – autonomy – teamwork
Mission : Research and development – industrial and technical -
Table of contents : clear

International agreements :
ILO : Yes Since 2005 Lafarge respects the fundamental social rights defined by the International Labor OrganizationGlobal compact : Lafarge signed the United Nations Global Compact in 2003
OECD guidlines for MNE’s : Yes since 2009
Other : The ISO 14001 standard: since 1996, this standard has been used to certify environmental practices and Environmental Management Systems (EMS). Lafarge is encouraging the establishment of an EMS and, where appropriate, ISO 14001 certification of its sites.

Mainpriorities of the group :
Economical priorities ::
continuing development on emerging markets
accelerating innovation to reach sales of €3bn with innovative products by 2012

Environmental priorities :
Reducing the product’s ecological footprint :
* improving the performance of its kilns,
* replacing some of the clinker with industrial residues (fly ash and slag) to save energy,
* aprogram to replace fuels with alternative fuels (industrial, household or plant waste).

Social priorities :
While global parnerships are very important, Lafarge doesn’t overlook the need for partnerships with NGOs or local associations. Many programs are currently carried out, they are touching on all aspects of sustainable development, as housing for under priveleged populations, infrastructuredevelopment, medical programs…

To reach its target of zero fatal accidents and keep lost time injuries to a minimum, Lafarge:
* informs its employees and subcontractors about the risks related to their activities and provides appropriate training,
* supervises the systematic application of safety standards,
* implements procedures for reporting incidents and undertakes regularaudits,
* identifies and communicates best practices and drives their adoption across all worksites.

Governance priorities :
* Lafarge aims to help everyone succeed,
* focusing on performance improvement: Lafarge continually seeks to improve its products and services,
* "multilocal" organization: Lafarge's operations are local but are closely tied to its global strategy
The geographical distribution of share capital :

The distribution of share capital :

Subcontractors and suppliers :

Sub-contracted labor represents 28% of the Lafarge workforce. In 2009, their Safe Around You program sought to raise awareness of safety issues amongst sub-contractors. The Group aims to offer the same safety conditions to contractors as it does to its ownemployees. “The Contractor Safety Management (CSM) standard and the related implementation program is focusing their efforts on this critical task”, states the Group’s Contractor Health & Safety Manager. In 2009, 72% of business units checked that subcontractors respect and implement fundamental social rights, while 92% ensured that subcontractors respect and implement Health & Safety procedures....
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