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First,Lacôme is a brand of cosmetic. It was created in 1935 by Armand Petitjean.

The brand wants to give the best to women.

The name chosen for itsFrench tone and the symbol of the brand is an old rose.

We notice that the circonflex accent indicates the origin of the brand.

Since 1964, Lancôme is a brand of the group « l’Oréal » and is theleader on the beauty market.

Many famous ambassadress work for Lancôme such as Juliette Binoche, Kate Winslet, Isabella Rossellini.

Turnover Repartition

We notice that the turnover is divided in5 segments and the both most important services of the brand are :

- 39 % for Facecare of the portfolio

- 38 % for Make-up

Suncare, haircare and bodycare represent the less importantpart of the market.

The turnover amounts around 17 billions euros.



Lancôme is placed on the luxury and avant-garde market such as Dior, Chanel while other competitorssuch as Vichy and Nivéa wich are less luxurious are placed on the medium range.

So Lancôme can be considered as a luxurious brand.

We can qualified the positioning of lancôme like :


• High technology

• Made in France

• Glamour

• Hedonism

• Multi-sensorial

• Creativity

• Pleasure

Reasons of their positioning

Lancôme’sposition is on luxury market thanks to its :

✓ Credibility and reliability of the brand

✓ Expertise

✓ Well differenciated (a lot of range of products)


This group istargeted :

- Urban and active women and men, with little time available who want to appear attractive and feel self confident.

- Professional and social status  : Lancôme is targetedpeople who have a high life level.

So, lancôme use multiple effect products to gain time and has created practical cosmetics to simplify people lives in order to get the same results.

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