Le 18 brumaire

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The 18 Brumaire
The coup was probably plotted in the home of Josephine de Beauharnais, in Paris.

The scheme was the following: Bonaparte as the chief commander of the army was to maintain order in Paris and in the assemblies. Then they would move the assemblies in Saint-Cloud on the pretext of Jacobin related danger. Since 1789, the meetings were still under thethreat of the Parisian population. By moving the meetings, Napoleon ensured that the people of Paris could not intervene. Paris was closed and under police control.

The main events took place on the 19 Brumaire, Year VIII (November 10, 1799) in Saint-Cloud. The revisionists had contemplated a mass resignation of members of the Council of Five Hundred, but there was no unanimity in theassemblies. While debates raged, Bonaparte got impatient and decided to intervene.

17 Brumaire Year VIII
On the 17th at daybreak, the commanders of Paris, the regiments of the garrison and the adjutants of the forty-eight sections were invited to gather the next morning at seven o'clock in the morning in the street Chantereine, where was the mansion of Napoleon Bonaparte. The meeting wasnot seen as suspicious. The public believed that the General would leave for the army of Italy.

18 Brumaire Year VIII (November 9, 1799)
5:00 am
the invitations to a meeting at 7:00 are sent to the Council of Elders. It neglects to ask those who seem adverse to the coup.
a crowd of officers in full uniform hurried outside the home of Napoleon Bonaparte; rue Chantereine (renamedin his honor, rue de la Victoire). Napoleon Bonaparte received them and made them a very bleak picture of France, because the "civilians", the "avocaillons" had led it to the brink of disaster.
Meeting of Council of Elders at the Tuileries. At the appointed hour arrived all those who have been invited.
An inspector of the room said that the "anarchists" were ready to overthrow thenational representation, so that they had to carry the council out of Paris.
At half past eight, Bonaparte read a decree from the council. Immediately, it was followed by the unanimous cry of "Vive Bonaparte! Long live the Republic! "The commander in chief harangued the soldiers present
The decree was passed, the Councils had agreed to serve the next day at St. Cloud and Napoleon Bonaparte wasappointed commander of all troops and National Guard of the 17th military division (Paris and suburbs).
On the field, the heads of forty-eight sections were ordered to proclaim the decree in all districts of Paris. During that time, Bonaparte went on horseback to the Tuileries, followed by a large retinue of generals and soldiers.

At 9;00: By his orders, 10,000 men, commanded by General Lannes,occupied the Tuileries, the Luxembourg, the Ecole Militaire, the palace of the Five Hundred (Palais Bourbon), the Invalides.

In the garden of the Tuileries, Napoleon Bonaparte saw Botot, the secretary of Paul Barras, and told him a the famous remark: "What have you done with the France that I had left so brilliant? "
The Council of Elders et and announced the move toSaint-Cloud, this was followed by protests and resignations.
14 hours
Napoleon Bonaparte and his staff still occupy various strategic points of Paris.
November 10, 1799 - 19 Brumaire Year VIII
The 500 hundred members were assembled at St Cloud. In the park, ten companies of brigadiers waited. General Jean Mathieu Philibert Serurier was responsible for the "protection" of the Councils.9:30; Paris
Street Chantereine Napoleon discussed with officers and civilians responsible for the operation. The success seemed doubtful.
11:00, Paris
Escorted by a detachment of cavalry, Napoleon went to St. Cloud.
12:30, St. Cloud
Napoleon Bonaparte and his escort arrived at the castle of Saint-Cloud. They are greeted by varied cries: "Vive Napoleon" or "Long live the Constitution! (By...
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