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Both of the reading passage and the lecture are talking about television effects. The author thinks that watching television is very negative for children, but the lecturer disagrees with him.
The writer believes that watching television has negative effects which outweigh positive ones. He says that children who watch TV more than three hours per day is significantly lower on reading and has a short term memory. However, the lecturer disagrees with this study; she says that in the same study, they say that kid’s age’s three to five who watch TV have a better score in a psychology test. She thinks also that they should watch TV two hours a day.
Secondly, the authors says that children ages six to seven spend a lot of time watching TV. They spend more time watching TV than studying. He believes that is not good for their education , and parents should forbid it to their children . However, the speaker says that she is a mom, and if we forbid watching TV to the children, it makes them more attracted to it when It.
Thirdly, the writer says that when children watch a lot TV, they will be physically inactive. they tend to snack a lot, and it leads to overweight. Nonetheless, the lecturer believes that we cannot contribute overweight to watching TV; it is because of bad nutrition too.
To conclude, the lecturer and the author don’t agree about the effects of watching TV. The author thinks that it is very harmful when children spend a long time watching TV, but the lecturer believes that they can learn a lot of things sy watching educational

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