School at home for the young sportmen

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It's an article appeared in the Wall Street newspaper which is called « school at home for the young sportsmen ».

It's talk about the growing number of young athletes who leave their traditionalschool to spend more time to train for their sport and to travel to tournaments.

Consequently a school Web was create in 2002. The University of miami Online High schools known until a week ago asSagemont Virtual School.

At the time of the facts, this school counted for the greater part, players of tennis. But wanting to represent the "establishment school in the sports world", she hopesto attract many players of the other sports like soccer, golf and hockey.

We could wonder what are the advantages and the inconveniences of an online school at home.

For it, we can take theexample of Jessy, a former student of the Chris Evert Tennis Academy became a follower of the online high school.

He says the online curriculum requires «a lot of self discipline « and that it's morechallenging than the courses at his old school and especially this last one was giving him a hard time about traveling to tournaments and missing classes.

Concerning the parents'opinion, they are forthe majority hesitating because they don't want to neglect the education of their children for the sport.
However Jessy's parents are very satisfied about the online school, her mother says « Ireceive progess reports every three weeks on the computer »
Nevertheless, many of the other parents remain sceptic about the quality of the online courses with regard to the other methods of study athome.
"I have never seen a kid lift a book at these tournaments . I don't see them with laptops , either . They just sit around" says Mrs Stone whose son transferred to the Professional Children'sSchool in New York because the private school he was attending didn't give him the flexibility to pursue his tennis.
Moreover, the high level of athletic achievement sought by many colleges puts...
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