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My Training Period :

For my training period, I was taken on at Ecoenergy, for two weeks, for my Electrical Engineering diploma.
Ecoenergy are located in Nantes near Sautron.
It is quite a large company with 5 branches in France, who specialize in Renewable Solar energy.
The company is quite new; it was started in 2007, by Eric Lecoq. And in 2010, it changed its name Ecoenergy to Vuelto Solar.
This is how work is organized: * First, a salesman visits the client * Then, he inspects the site, takes data and sends the data to the design department. * After that, the study is made by the engineers. This study is an offer, which is made to the client. * Thirdly, the client accepts or refuses the project * And finally, if he accepts, work can start
I had to analyse the data that the salesman had taken, to start a study for a solar installation. In this study, we measured, the number of Solar panels that you can install on your roof, we sized up the Electronic Power Inverter, and the energy production assessment of the installation.
I enjoyed my training period because; I wanted to have an experience in renewable energy, to add another thing to my Curriculum Vitall.
I worked in a friendly and pleasant atmosphere with my tutor, Kelly Doyat and others engineers in the Engineering department. And finally, next year, I want to make a professional license in renewable energy and after, I want to find a job in electricity at my home

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