Le rouge et le noir

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1- Going through the motion

Every single night, the same arrangement

I go out and fight the fight

Still I only feel the strangest estrangement

Nothing here is real, nothing here is right

I've been making shows of trading blows/ just hoping no one knows

that I've been I was always brave and kinda righteous now I find

I'm wavering crawl out of your grave

you'll find thisfight just doesn't mean a thing

she ain't got that swing ...

thanks for noticing

She does pretty well with fiends from hell but lately we can tell

that she's just going through the motions faking it somehow

she's not even half the girl she... oouch!

Will I stay this way forever sleepwalk through my live endeavour

How can I repay


I don't wanna be

going throughthe motions losing all my drive

I can't even see if this is really me And I just wanna be..... Alive!

2- I've got a theory
I've got a theory that it's a demon a dancing demon euh, something isn't right there I've got a theory some kid is dreaming and we're all stuck inside his wacky Broadway nightmare

I've got a theory we should work this out It's getting erie what's this cheery singingall about

it could be witches some evil witches which is ridiculous cause witches they were persecuted wicca good and love the earth and women power and I'll be over there

I've got a theory it could be bunnies... ...

aren't just cute like everybody supposes they've got them hoppy legs and twitchy little noses and what's with all the carrots? Why do they need such good eye sight for anyway!bunnies, bunnies it must be bunnies! ...

or maybe midgets I've got a theory we should work this fast because it clearly could get serious before it's pasted

I've got a theory, it doesn't matter..

What can't we face if we're together what's in this place that we can't weather apocalypse, we've all been there the same old trips, why should we care? What can't we do if we get in it we'll seeit through within a minute we have to try we'll pay the price it's do or die hey I've died twice! What can't we face if we're together what's in this place that we can't weather there's nothing we can't face... except for bunnies

3- I'm under your spell
I lived my life in shadow/ never the sun on my face

it didn't seem so sad/ though I figured that was my place

now I'm bathed in light/something just isn't right

I'm under your spell/ how else could it be/ anyone would notice me

it's magic I can tell/ how you set me free/ brought me out so easily

I saw a world enchanted/ spirits and charms in the air

I always took for granted/ I was the only one there

but your power shone/ brighter than any I've known

I'm under your spell/ nothing I can do/ you just took my soulwith you

you worked your charm so well/ finally I knew/ everything I dreamed was true

you made me believe

the moon to the tide/ I can feel you inside/

I'm under your spell/ surging like a sea/ wanting you so helplessly

I break with every swell/ lost in ecstasy/ spread beneath my willow tree/

you make me complete
TARA (a Willow):
Io ho sempre vissuto nell'ombra, non ero maisotto la luce, eppure non ne ero rattristata perchè ho sempre pensato che quello fosse il mio posto, ma adesso sono immersa nella luce, qualcosa di innaturale, sono sotto il tuo incantesimo, altrimenti come si spiega che improvvisamente tutti mi notano?

Questa è magia, il modo in cui mi hai liberato, cambiandomi così facilmente. Vedo un mondo incantato, spiriti e incantesimi nell'aria, ho semprepensato che potevo vedere tutto questo solo io, ma il tuo poter brilla molto più forte di qualsiasi io abbia mai visto, sono sotto il tuo incantesimo, non ci posso fare niente, hai preso la mia anima.
Hai fatto l'incantesimo cos' bene che alla fine mi sono convinta che tutto quello che ho sognato è vero, mi hai convinto, e come la luna influisce sulle maree, io posso sentirti dentro di me, sono...
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