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Websense, Inc. (NASDAQ: WBSN), a global leader in Web, email and data security solutions, has launched three levels of customer technical support, including Mission Critical Support to help customers maximize their Websense investment. To augment a broadened product portfolio that now includes inline deployment of its Web security and data security solutions for real time malware protection, including Websense Web Security Gateway deployments, Websense is offering Mission Critical Support for organizations that require superior technical response. With Websense Mission Critical Support, customers receive a dedicated technical support manager who provides one-on-one strategic support planning, security architecture review, migration planning assistance, training recommendations and periodic account reviews to ensure customers get the maximum benefits from Websense solutions.
“Along with broadening our portfolio of solutions to span the Web, email and data security, this year Websense has significantly invested in customer technical support,” said Pankaj Bhardwaj, vice president of technical support for Websense. “We recognize that the last year following the acquisition of SurfControl was a period of rapid growth and change for Websense and with our new Websense Global Technical Support Program we want our customers to experience superior support no matter the size of their organization or where they are located in the world. Our goal is to get our customer questions and technical issues resolved as quickly and easily as possible.”
Additionally, Websense has bolstered its support organization by expanding the dedicated tech support team globally, launching free resources to all Websense customers including a support portal with knowledge base, training guides, archived support Webinars and a community forum.
Websense now offers three levels of support tailored to the needs of customers:
• Websense Standard Support – included with every Websense

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